Registered Marriage

Registration of marriage is compulsory by law.

You can get married by any religious ritual and get your marriage registered, OR, marry without any religious ceremony before the Marriage Officer in the presence of three witnesses.

The procedure, in either case, is governed by the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and the Rules framed by the Government of Maharashtra.

Registered marriage is also called Court Marriage. However, the office of the Marriage Officer is not a Court. S/He is a revenue officer -- a Sub-Registrar of Haveli on that duty. But Marriage Officer has powers like a civil court to make inquiry in case your notice of marriage is challenged.

Some norms are also framed by the Marriage Officer under his powers. Here is all you need to know about how to get married before a Marriage Officer in Pune District.

Where is the Marriage Office?

The office of the Marriage Officer is situated near Commissioner's Office, Camp, Pune. Click here for location on the Google Map.

Age and age proof

The prospective bride should not be under 18 and the prospective groom should not be under 21 years of age.

  • Any two of the following documents are necessary to prove your age to the Marriage Officer (Driving License will not work):

    • Birth Certificate

    • School Leaving Certificate

    • 10th or 12th Board Examination Certificate

    • Domicile Certificate

    • Bona fide Certificate of Age from School or College

    • Passport

If the certificate is in language other than Marathi, Hindi or English, attach a sheet with English translation, possibly certified by a lawyer.

residence and ADDRESS proof

Either one of the prospective bride/groom should be a resident of Pune District. As per the law one of you should be residing in Pune district for at lease one month. To prove this, one of the following documents is required:

  • Ration Card

  • Electricity bill (in own name)

  • Aadhar Card

  • Voter ID

  • Certificate of Residence by Gram Sevak / Tehsildar

  • Passport

  • ID issued by the Government

  • Letter issued by employing Company to the Marriage Officer with Company ID

  • Registered Leave & License Agreement

  • Tax Receipt

  • If Government servant, Government Quarter Allotment Letter

  • If member of a Registered Society, a letter issued by the Society to the Marriage Officer

Notice and Time limit

The prospective bride and groom need to give a 30-day Notice to the Marriage Officer, and the marriage must be solemnized within the next 60 days. Since the year 2017 this Notice needs to be issued online on this webpage on the following path: > Marriage Registration Services > Marriage Registration PDE. On filing of the Notice, appointment is received for the marriage.

the day of the marrige

On the appointed day of the marriage (unless your Notice is challenged and inquiry by the Marriage Officer becomes necessary) you will be required to fill up and sign a Declaration Form. Each one of you will say, "I take you, xyz, as my husband/wife". Reach the office of the Marriage Officer with three witnesses and self-certified photocopies of all documents along with originals for verification. Also carry a copy of the Notice. Each witness should carry two passport size photos, and address proof and age proof in original. Prospective bride and groom should carry four passport size photos each.

If widow/widower/divorcee

In case prospective bride/groom is a widow/widower, the death certificate of the former spouse is required. In case of divorcee, certified true copy of the court judgment and decree with order is essential. The appeal period should have lapsed.

can marrige officer come home?

Yes, but the decision lies with the Marriage Officer. You need to make an application 15 days in advance of the appointed day for the same.

If foreigner

If the prospective bride/groom is/are foreigner/s, documents like photocopies of all pages of their passport/s, driving license of their country, electricity bill, tax receipt, water bill, and, if both are residing in Pune, the C-Form document from the FRO department of the Police Commissioner's office, copy of the visa with copy of the Passport page showing entry into India with rubber stamp and signature, are necessary.

Do you need a lawyer or agent?

No. You can straightway go the Marriage Office and complete all formalities with the help of their staff (who are courteous if you approach them politely) on your own.