Letter to AAFF members

Dear members, As the coordinator of AAFF I thank you for joining by way of submitting the online form. Till such time as we are able to host an independent website, I am placing the AAFF on my own domain.

Click here for our webpage. You will find links to other pages from there. Our primary language will be Marathi, and I shall soon switch from English to Marathi. Please help me with translations.

I am 64, so most of you must be younger than me. And yet, most of you will be senior to me as practicing advocates. This is because I joined this noble profession after retirement from my Union service. As elder in age, I must ensure that this forum focuses on positivity; and invites only accolades not criticism from any corner of the society.

We shall keep an unshakable faith in the Police administration and the local Judiciary, who will be our primary contacts on this forum. We are only against those few weaker moments of personnel failures where ill-gotten gain is prioritized over professional policing leading to unnecessary misery for the common citizen. Such acts have no place in the administrative law governing policing itself. Therefore, in that sense, we are actually helping the Police administration realize their vision and mission stated on their own official web pages. We respect every policeman/woman.

As your junior as the practicing lawyer, I shall look upon you to bring to our activities, including these web pages, the best of your experience and understanding of all the relevant laws. The excellence of our collective knowledge, argument, communication skills and, most importantly, our camaraderie shall be our only tools to fix an ailing system. We shall hurt no one by words or actions. Please correct me and others if we make any unprofessional slip.

Please contribute handsomely to the Members' articles page of our website.

Needless to say, we shall remain apolitical and unbiased, and shall uphold everything that the Preamble of our Constitution stands for. We shall embrace diversity in all personal views and beliefs but shall share the same high, Constitutional, non-partisan values in our public life.

We are aware that we cannot make a difference overnight. But that does not mean we cannot choose the right direction in life. Let us tread with caution befitting a lawyer, and yet with confidence that we shall together make a difference for the better, however small.

And we shall aspire for the day when our forum will become unnecessary.

Best luck.